Lamb to the Slaughter? Reflection on Death / Два стихотворения на английском

Проект кафедры иностранных языков "Перевод малой прозы" расширяется. Так, под воздействием рассказа "Ягненок на заклание" английского писателя Роальда Даля ("Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl), студент 2 курса переводческого отделения Дмитрий Некрасов написал стихи на английском языке.

Дмитрий Некрасов учится в переводческом семинаре Бабкова Владимира Олеговича. Помимо поэзии, Дмитрий увлекается музыкой, монтажом видео, кинематографией и психологией.

Lamb to the Slaughter?

The room is full of ravens’ hearts.
The lamb still thinks that he’s a victim.
His teeth are red, so are his eyes,
His tiny heart is bleeding.

The room is full of ravens’ bones.
And pedestals of owl and pigeon
Cannot be seen until the curtain falls
And dust starts dancing. It’s deceitful.

There is no light that finds this place,
No warmth, no life, except for cries of fallen lamb
That slide inside this devil’s cave.
Yet, lamb still wants to find a land,

Where he can be… Where can he be?
But there’s no way to turn time back
Since owl’s and pigeon’s pedestals are free.
His heart is sick, his heart turned black.
His eyes - too red for him to see.


Reflection on Death 

Death watches our lives pass by.
–  Eternity and more. 

It doesn’t matter if men are wise.
–  What are they searching for? – 

The Queen of Darkness will show up. 
– These people have no choice or dreams. – 
She’ll rise her hand, no matter how. 
– Fall down like autumn’s crunchy leaves. – 
To make you pay all of the bills. 
– They fight for something but they will – 

Her stone cold fingers sprawl. No grief. 
– Their rusty souls cannot be healed. – 
Her breath is everywhere and nowhere. 
– And they were wasting it for years. – 

Her will. That’s all that’s in the air. 
The innocence’s a gift to wear –

Her will. That’s all that’s in the air. 
The innocence’s a gift to wear –