The Masque of the Mad Death / Стихотворение на английском

Под впечатлением от рассказов и стихотворений Э.А. По, а также сериала «Падение дома Ашеров» – экранизации по мотивам его творчества, студент семинара В.О. Бабкова Некрасов Дмитрий написал собственное стихотворение, близкое по духу творчеству американского классика. Название стихотворения – игра с названием рассказа Э.А. По "The Masque of the Red Death".

The Masque of the Mad Death

Though You can pick a string to hear its sound,
Its ripped and squeaky body cannot fill with joy the crowd.
The leather gloves you wear to hide from those who are around
Will turn to some blood-thirsty creatures gobbling your majestic crown.

Your cold and lifeless hands will try to find their way to squeeze your throat.
The power these hands have is out of your control.
They do not hold the things that they were told to hold.
The quiet sobbing sound that you make could fit a dying goat.

Your world of cold and nasty beasts
Gets smaller forcing you to meet
Them all and face your deepest fears
You want to cry, but suffer with no tears.

While liquid acid boils its path right down your cheeks,
A sudden thunder of a million deafening screams
Arises with its one and only goal to reach your ears
And smear a smile on your face. Look in a mirror. You can see

This tiny sneer stabs your heart - an unexpected rival's spear.
Nowhere to run or hide or kneel, you feel the darkness. It is here.
You breathe your thoughts in - they cohere.
You, little Hamlet, are a no one, a silly child of William Shakespeare.