The International Relations Department of the Maxim Gorky Literary Institute invites foreign citizens to short-term internships for studying Russian as a foreign language (intensive course). The term of training - 3 months. It is possible to start an internship during the whole academic year (from September 1 to June 30). After the end of the internship, you will be given the opportunity to take an exam for knowledge of Russian language with an international certificate.

The cost of one lesson per group (1 academic hour) is 750 rubles.
The cost of one individual lesson (1 academic hour) - 1 000 rubles.

Also, during an internship in the Russian language, an intern can also attend general lectures at the institute and receive a certificate with the number of hours he / she listened at the end of the internship.
The cost of one lecture (2 academic hours) - 200 rubles.

We provide interns with hostel (single or double accommodation).
The cost of a single room is 18 400 rubles a month.
The cost of a double room is 9,200 rubles a month.

The day after the crossing of the Russian Federation border (excluding weekends and holidays, non-working hours of the institute) you need to come to the international department of the Literary Institute (address: Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, 25, room 61 b), with:

A) a foreign passport;
B) a migration card with your signature;
C) copies of the railway or air ticket;
D) 4 photographs (3x4, colored, matte);
E) medical insurance covering 10 days prior to entry, stay in Russia and 10 days after departure;

medical certificate (with a note on the passage of the test for HIV );

If you have questions about internship (training programs, registration of invitations for the entry of a foreign citizen into the territory of the Russian Federation, registration of visas, registration of registrations), please contact the International Relations Department of the Maxim Gorky Literary Institute:

Tel .: + 7-495-694-08-12